Buying, selling and operating apartments in Portland

Buying, Owning and Selling Apartments in Portland


Portland on a Sunny Day (Proof for those who think it rains here all the time!)

This blog is targeted at current and potential apartment owners with a focus on the Portland-Salem-Vancouver market.   However, the same issues face apartment owners throughout the country.

We’ve placed posts under each category covering various topics.  If you have a question about a topic – Post a comment and we will respond.

CATEGORIES (Click on links for a list of topics)

Apartment Buying
For information on buying apartments…

Apartment Operations
For information on apartment operations…

Apartment Selling
For information on selling apartments…

For information on financing apartments…

Portland, Salem and Vancouver Market
For information on the Portland/Vancouver/Salem rental market…

For information on other news and related information on apartments…

I will try to post various downloads, but if you’d like a copy of our book, “Buying, Selling and Running Apartments”, in hard copy, eMail me and I can send it out.

Finally, as a disclaimer – What I am NOT:

– An attorney

– An appraiser

– A tax professional

If you need advice, use one of these professionals where appropriate to help you make a final decision.

Feel free to post a general comment or question about apartments and I will find an answer for you.  Alternatively, you can contact me at (503) 970-4593 or


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