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Oregon Landlords and Applicants using Section 8 Vouchers | 24 July 2014

<<<Tenants using Section 8 Vouchers>>>


Effective 1 July 2014, Landlords who may have applicants that will be using Section 8 vouchers for partial or full payment of rent will need to be aware of changes in Oregon law.

A landlord may not advertise they will not accept tenants using Section 8 vouchers for part or full rent payments.  A landlord may not use for screening or approval that tenants will use Section 8 vouchers for part or full rent payments.  In sum, solely relying on whether a tenant uses Section 8 vouchers for rent payment to decide acceptance is not allowed.

We’ve attached an article from the 1 Jul 2014 Oregonian that goes over some background on the new law.

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