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Portland Apartment Sales for July 2015 >$450K | 27 August 2015



Attached is a list of individual Portland-area sales of apartment complexes greater than $450,000 in July 2015.

Included are $/unit, $/sqft , unit count, year built and Cap Rate (as reported) and a comparison to July 2014 averages.

Not much has changed outside of volume is still picking up.

Well, July 2015 had $221M in sales in the 4-county area.  This is a 250% increase over July 2014.  Total 2015 sales project to be $2.2B vs. Total 2014 sales of $1.6B

July 15 had 20 sales vs 14 sales in July 14 for a $15.6M total.  YTD shows about a 109% increase over 2014 YTD sales in terms of dollar volume.  July 15 had SEVEN large (>100 units) sales and July 14 had ONE large sale.

Again, a lot of the pricing and volume is being led by large sales.  For July 15, 92% of the total sales dollars were in >100 unit complexes (7 of the total 20 sales).  However, <100 unit complexes are achieving record pricing in $/sqft and $/unit – Especially well-located properties.

If you’d like a further breakdown on how in-demand your neighborhood is call.  Be aware of the current value of your apartment with unsolicited offers.  We offer valuations that include expense analysis with rent and sales comparables to back up any pricing.

If you’d like more information on:

– Details/background on individual sales in the report or

– A Free copy of our 80-page book – Buying, Selling and Operating Apartments Using Financial Analysis

Please contact me:

Steve Morris – Senior Advisor Multi-Units
Sperry Van Ness – Bluestone & Hockley  / (503) 970-4593

OR Principal Broker License 2002002054 / WA Managing Broker License 24512

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