Buying, selling and operating apartments in Portland

Feb 17 – Portland Multi-Unit Sales | 30 March 2017

To download the individual sales report, right-click the link below and “Save As”:



  • $/unit Feb 17 YTD is a 35% increase over Feb 16 YTD.
  • $/SqFt Feb 17 YTD  is a 42% increase over Feb 16 YTD.
  • Feb 17 YTD sales = $302M vs. Feb 16 YTD sales of $333M

2017 is off to a slow start in terms of gross sales dollars.  Be aware $131M of $209M in sales for Feb 17 is from one portfolio (i.e. same buyer and seller) sale with 4 of the individual sales reported in the 4 county area.  

There were more larger complexes sold which skews YTD averages.  The market is changing with pricing (and rents) giving signs of topping out for the near term.

I’ve posted a 5 year (2011-2016) Portland apartment sales history on this site.  I sort sales by:

  • County
  • Neighborhood
  • Complex Size
  • Decade Built
  • Largest sales per county by total sale, $/SqFt and $/Unit

Interest rates – The threat of small increases remains, however, with lower unemployment we haven’t seen the wage and general inflation that drives large increases.

If you’d like more information on:

– Details/background on individual sales in the report or a breakdown by neighborhood

– Free copy of our 80-page book – Buying, Selling and Operating Apartments Using Financial Analysis

– A very useful financial analysis of your property, call.  It will include I&E comparison to neighboring properties along with recent sales and rent comparables.

Please contact me:

Steve Morris | Vice-President
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Portland, OR 97205
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OR License # 200202054 | WA License # 24512

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