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An unsolicited (or any) Offer – How do I rank/evaluate it? | 27 July 2017

Unsolicited offers sometimes work out for a seller.  However, what can you ask yourself to rate if it is a GOOD and SOLID offer worth your time to proceed?  Here are some questions to ask yourself, in order:

  1. PRICING – A breath-taking price may be not that high if you haven’t done an analysis on your property lately.  In 2013, the average sale was $88,934/unit in 2017 YTD = $161,131/unit or a 16% per year increase.  While we don’t anticipate this continuing, do a valuation / financial analysis.  Actively marketing the property will get you the best price 99% of the time – Unsolicited offers are seeking opportunities.
  2. EARNEST MONEY – CASH OR NOTE?  If you accept a note, a buyer may be able to tie your property up until closing with no cash out of their pocket.  Worse, they may be able to tie up multiple properties (as in a 1031 search) this way.  Without his cash at risk, the buyer loses a lot of motivation to negotiate with a seller. 
  3. EXPOSURE/RESUME – Has the buyer seen your property?  Does he own property in town?  Does he have a financing reference?
  4. WHEREWITHAL – Is the buyer willing to show proof of funds for a down payment?  If he is expecting to get a property for less than 25% down (or a LTV > 75%) that is probably unrealistic.
  5. NEGOTIATION – Assume the first number is not the best offer from a buyer on an unsolicited offer.  It may be a good test to see how they react to a counter.

We can do a very thorough financial analysis on your property which will point out how to increase your Net Operating Income.  We compare your rents and expenses to neighboring properties to address your priorities.  In addition, we provide a valuation with comparable sales to correlate value.  eMail me if you’d like a sample report to examine.

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