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Why do I Need a Property Manager and How do I get the Most Out Of our Relationship? | 12 September 2017

Property management serves a vital function and while you can do it yourself and save a noticeable amount of fees,  here are some questions to ask yourself, in order to see if it’s something you want to do on your own:

  1. PAPERWORK – With all of the laws in place (and more coming) most will require more paperwork and proper notice to tenants.  Unfortunately, with a relationship between tenant and landlord that is growing more adversarial, you’ll need to understand what you are required to do and deliver notice tenants in a legally acceptable way.  Do you keep up with the rules and regulations constantly?
  2. TIME – It does take time and effort to pay bills, deliver notices, respond to maintenance items and make a plan on growing your NOI.  You’d be the most motivated individual for your property, but are you willing to invest the time from your other activities? 
  3. CONTRACTING – Some management companies have services like maintenance and billing in house.  In any case, you need to understand whats required to keep a property in good shape (which attracts good tenants) and just doing the day-to-day things (e.g. paying bills and collecting rents).  Do you have the organizational skills to manage this?
  4. TENANT MANAGEMENT – You’re striving to keep a cast of tenants that live well together and respect your property and other tenants.  This requires a lot of observation and then learning how to deal with bad actors.  Some properties require a major amount of effort to stabilize and get a good population in if things have gone sideways.  Again, do you have the time and experience to do this?
  5. PLANNING – While the state requires fee managers to give you a full and complete accounting of funds, on a small property, this can be a daunting stack of paper.  An ongoing conversation with your property manager should be on how to separate signal from noise, for example asking: “What are the 3 measurable things we’re going to do this month to increase NOI?”

If you’re new to apartment ownership or deal with low-income housing, hiring an experienced manager can be cheap tuition and train you on what to do or understanding what needs to be done running an apartment.

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