Buying, selling and operating apartments in Portland

Portland Apartment Sales – May 18 | 29 June 2018

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  • Gross sales dollars May 18 YTD = $713M is a 33% INCREASE over May 17 YTD = $500M
  • $/unit May 18 YTD = $175K is a 5% INCREASE over May 17 YTD = $167K.
  • $/SqFt May 18 YTD = $221.22 is a 18% INCREASE over May 17 YTD = $187.95

We had a strong month vs. May 17.  At $138M gross sales we are at $1.6B in annual sales rate (vs. $1.7B for 2017 and $2.95B for 2016).  Interest rates and strength of the rental market in Portland (especially for new construction) are the biggest threats.

If you’d like more information on:

– 2012-2017 Portland Apt Market history.  Is posted at

If you like numbers, you’ll find this recap of the market for the past 5 years of interest.  You can eMail me for a copy also.

– Free financial analysis of your property, eMail/call me for a SAMPLE report.  It will be helpful if you’re making decisions about futures or operations and includes I&E comparison to neighboring properties along with recent sales and rent comparables.

– Details/background on individual sales in the report or a breakdown by neighborhood

– Free copy of our 80-page book – Buying, Selling and Operating Apartments Using Financial Analysis

Please contact me:

Steve Morris | Vice-President
IMG Northwest
1234 SW 18th, Suite 102
Portland, OR 97205
Phone: 503.970.4593 |
OR License # 200202054 | WA License # 24512

For the Oregon Real Estate Agency Pamphlet click here.
For the Washington Real Estate Agency Pamphlet click here. 

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