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MMHA Forms for Rent Forbearance – Oregon | 10 April 2020

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<<<MMHA_ RentForbearanceRequest_Form>>>

<<<MMHA_ RentForbearanceAgreement_Form>>>

<<<MMHA_ RentBalanceReminder_Form>>>

MMHA [Metro Multi-Family Owners Association} (if you can join, it is a great rental owner’s association, has crafted these for use with tenants who request a forbearance on rent payments.


You will still need to follow up and enforce them.  However, they can serve as a place to start.  Since COVID is changing how things are handled by the day, these may change, but are a start.  You use them at your own risk.


The forms are intended to:

  1. Establish that the tenant is legitimately requesting an extension due to COVID

  2. Establish an agreed-on amount of rents paid and still owing

  3. Provide a reminder of amounts owed for future use to the tenant.



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