Buying, selling and operating apartments in Portland

About Steve Morris

Steve was born in Portland and has resided here most of his life.  In addition to attending local schools, he received his BSEE and MSEE from the University of Portland in addition to coursework at Lewis & Clark Law School.

Having seen Portland grow and change, as a rental property owner he has personally seen the rental market become more competitive for landlords.  This requires every property owner to be current on rental property in the Portland market.

This is the genesis of this blog.  It’s primary intention is not to sell property (though I will post some listings), but rather how to educate the commercial property owner to become better at operating apartments.  Ultimately, the goal is to have a valuable property (as measured by income) and to get/retain good tenants.

Feel free to either:

– Post questions here

– eMail me @

– Call me @ (503) 970-4593

– Location:

Investors Management Group

Ste. 102,  1234 SW 18th

Portland, OR 97205

Any suggestions that make this blog or any points more understandable are always appreciated and will be used.

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