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Tenant Engagement Considerations

27 June 2019
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A local attorney, Jeffrey Bennett of Warren Allen, has 20+ years of experience in dealing with tenant and landlord issues in Portland.

He’s written a very useful article on the subject you can download at the link below (right-click to save):


<<<Winning Court Strategies_Jun19>>>


Whether you’re an owner or manager this article is very useful.  Jeff goes over basics like:

  1. Forms and the need to keep current

  2. Delivery options and timelines

  3. 30-/90-day notices

  4. Filling in forms correctly

  5. For cause notices

  6. Charges, late and partial payments

  7. Preventing mistakes and giving yourself the best case

  8. Deposits, charges and dealing with tenant requests


I assure you it’ll be the best (not being over-dramatic) 30 minutes of your time invested in your apartments.

The environment for landlords was difficult and new rules don’t make it easier.  Being knowledgeable is a minimum requirement for successful landlords today.


Rent increase notices from a lease to M-T-M

17 August 2016
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Cliff Hockley of Bluestone & Hockley has authored an article on you can raise rents if you let a lease roll over to a month-to-month tenancy.  To download, right-click the link below and “Save As”:



Needless to say a landlord needs to exercise caution with rent increases.  The article goes thru the current requirements for rent increase notices for increases.  A lot of these may need case law to resolve

Excerpted from the article intro:

“Many of our readers have expressed confusion over when a landlord can raise rent in Oregon anymore.  Specifically, they have asked us for help understanding how month-to-month rent increases should be handled after House Bill 4143 amended the Oregon Landlord Tenant Act.” 

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