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Multnomah County Weatherization Funds for Apartments – Sept 10 | 16 September 2010

For apartments located in Multnomah County there are some very attractive grants available.

<<<Multnomah County Weatherization Info Sheet >>>

Above is a PDF with contact info and some brief facts on the program.  If you have units that could be upgraded with energy-efficient windows, insulation and refrigerators, this is a program you should look at closely.  They are grants and cover materials and labor for installation.  The contact information for Multnomah County is also attached.

The basic requirements:

–          Apartments must be located in Multnomah County

–          Owner must collect enough applications to show that 2/3 of the tenants earn < 60% of median income. 

–          Owner must keep at least one-half of the units affordable to families at 60% of the median income for a period of ten years.

–          Apartment buildings must have at least five units.

–          If the affordability and reporting requirements of the 10 year Property Use Agreement are met by the owner, no repayment of weatherization repair funds to the county is required.

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